Learn more about us from those who know us best.
“We have found Onicx to be both professional and timely. We believe they perform both fairly and admirably."
Rob Glisson, Principal of ROJO Architecture, LLC


​“During construction, the great attention to detail by the Onicx crew was nothing less than superior."
Santosh Govindaraju, CEO of Paragon Capital Partners LLC


"We found the Onicx staff, project managers, and contractors to be great professionals to work with, without hesitation we would recommend Onicx' services and look forward to working with the Onicx team again."
Robert Ledford, Executive Vice President of Baker Barrios



"I can attest to the truly outstanding effort Onicx provided to overcome structural challenges we faced to complete our Charter High School."
Martin Fugardi, Vice President - Facilities and Development, Accelerated Learning Solutions, Inc.



"Onicx has continuously performed at a high level at all times with zero negativity; I would highly recommend Onicx to anyone."
Ronald E. Zawistowski, President of Innovative Design Studios, Inc.



"I just wanted to once again thank everyone for your hard work and team effort. Every time I pass through Carlotte airport I see a sign that says: "The only thing more powerful than a great idea is the team than can see it through". I am truly blessed I have that team! Thanks again!!"
Martin Fugardi, Vice President - Facilites and Development, Accelerated Learning Solutions, Inc.