Asset and Property Management

Collaborative asset management.


Our asset management team helps clients and capital investors maximize the performance and value of their assets by:

  • Formulating long-term management and leasing strategies. 

  • Ensuring the most efficient use of investor capital.

  • Retaining Class A status for all buildings we manage.

  • Assessing relative market conditions and impact.

  • Communicating closely with our capital partners and clients.


Proactive property management.

Our experienced property management team is dedicated to tenant satisfaction and comfort. We are accessible to tenants 24/7, providing an on-line property management system for easy access to building information, rent statements, lease documents, and maintenance requests. We track trends in service requests to proactively address building service and maintenance.

Innovative cost control.

We never stop exploring cost control solutions, including:

  • Integration of development, leasing, and management solutions.

  • Continuous expense monitoring to identify savings opportunities.

  • Collaboration with local utilities on energy saving programs.

  • Open market energy purchase.

  • Proactive management of maintenance and energy.


Premium Medical Spaces.

Project Gallery

Groundbreaking at North Florida Regional

Groundbreaking at North Florida Regional

Onicx team with Florida Cancer Specialists

Dhvanit Patel at North Florida Regional Groundbreaking